List of My Accomplishments

Currently Accomplishing:


Instructor: Silver Sneakers/Flex fitness groups Monday - Friday:

  • S.A.I.L. Stay Active & Independent for Life

  • Mindfulness Stretch for Seniors

  • Barre for Seniors

  • Hula Hoop for Beginners

  • Balance Builder Workshops


Health Coach:  private clients and small groups

Past Accomplishments:


Assistant Event Coordinator/Humana Community Center

Program Counselor/Brookhaven Retreat Comprehensive Recovery for Women

Fitness facilitator/ Hula Hooping and Walking Meditations/Brookhaven Retreat

Communications Coordinator/Brookhaven Retreat

Owner/Embrace Weight Loss Center located in Olympia Athletic Club

Medical Assistant/Dr. B.G. Smith M.D. Director of Urology OKC

Activity Director/Meadowbrook Neurologic Hospital: Senior Wing

Tent Crusades/ Ministry

Addiction Recovery/ Ministry




BS in Health and Human Science/University of TN

RMA Registered Medical Assistant/DeMarge College

Certified Health Coach/ Health Coach Institute

Certified fitness instructor/Silver Sneakers

S.A.I.L. certified S.A.I.L. instructor/Knoxville Health Department

Hula Hoop Coach/ Hoop Love Coaching certification