I cannot heal anyone

I cannot promise you healing

Healing comes to those who can receive it and to those who put themselves in the path of healing

Can you believe? Can you receive?

Joyful smiling Body is about building belief, skill and confidence

Joyful Smiling Body is

About removing constrictions around energy flow from your body and your mind so that your mind and body can move peacefully.


Consider the hula-hoop

I cannot spin your hoop for you, just as you cannot spin mine.

We must begin within the limits of our own conditions.

We must acknowledge them right from the start.


Every condition is a starting place

Every starting place can be like a beautiful sunrise.

Sunrises are smooth orbits of motion. They are never-failing rhythms set every 24-hours


Every molecule, every organism has its own rhythm…even you!

Only you can explore your body and mind to connect a joyful rhythm that flows within you.


Joyful Smiling body will always support the limitations set by you and your health professionals


A disclaimer is to let you know my conditions and limitations


I refuse responsibility for your outcomes. You are completely in charge of your practice and movements.


I can only lead from the spaces of my own skills. Joyful Smiling Body is a place for beginning. you can always move beyond the beginning. but the beginning is a great place to start!


You have complete autonomy to decide if Joyful Smiling Body is a good fit for you.


My list of accomplishments: