Donita Live

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Hi! I am Donita Live!

I am the builder of Joyful Smiling Body. I am a Holy Ghost chaser. My gift is wingman. When you look over your shoulder you will find me holding up your dreams reminding you of why you are working so hard. I'm a survivor of many traumas that led me to become a survivor of Thyroidectomy, Hysterectomy, Fibromyalgia,  Breast Cancer, Chemo, Radiation and double Mastectomy. Predictably, I am motivated to press my efforts into fitness, health and human science.I have a 2010 BS in health and human science from the University of Tennessee. I chose a wholistic path and now I am a certified fitness instructor. I am a certified health coach and a certified hula hoop teacher. I use a 12 week coaching program that takes a lot of suffering out of what's blocking you from changing. Before the  pandemic, Every week day, I instructed fitness classes for incredible seniors who are my wingers (wingmen and women). I enjoy creating fitness entertainment blogs about whatever is on my mind at the time. God is my salvation and everyday I receive unlimited favor. It is my purpose for the rest of my days, to spend as much of that favor as I can. My hope is for a healthy living and thriving body of Christ.

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